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Bingo Fun: Crazy Carnival – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Bingo Fun: Crazy Carnival is a new bingo game for the iOS and Android platforms that plays like classic bingo, except with a significant twist. This game and those who developed it claim that you can win real life money by playing it. Not only that, but they claim that you can win a significant amount of money for not a whole lot of playing time.

Are you able to, though? Is Bingo Fun: Crazy Carnival a scam or legit? This is the question that we are going to be taking a deep dive into for the rest of this article.

To start, the gameplay is classic bingo without any real twists. There are no power ups to help you find more combos on the board. You simply wait for a ball with your number, then you tap it, and if the number matches what you have on the board, then you tap that one also.

Once you get five across, that counts as a bingo. If you get five in a diagonal line, that also counts as a bingo. If you get five in a vertical line, believe it or not, bingo.

You can play with multiple bingo tickets at a time, unlike most other mobile bingo games. You can play with either one, two, or four tickets; it’s entirely up to you, and you can switch back at any time.

Make sure that you are able to keep up with however many tickets you choose. When you are playing with four bingo boards at a time, it can be really easy to miss a number on at least one of them. Sometimes, it’s even difficult when you’re playing with just two boards at a time.

Unlike other bingo games that claim to earn you money, Bingo Fun: Crazy Carnival does not pit you against other players for wagering. Instead, you simply play a game of bingo on your own, and the winnings seem to pile up; in fact, they pile up very quickly.

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In games where you play in competition against other players, the money piles up very slowly, and that’s if you even manage to turn a profit; if you’re a slow bingo player, you might end up losing money.

Quick winnings and fast money, believe it or not, are actually generally a negative sign when it comes to figuring out whether the game is legit or a scam. If the developer paid out everybody who won, then they would go bankrupt immediately, so they’re definitely not paying everyone. Are they paying anyone?

To figure this out, go to the reviews in the App Store and see what people are saying. In the case of this game, people are saying that they are having a lot of trouble getting their money. Nobody has posted that they have actually gotten their money, but plenty of people have either said that it’s an endless loop of errors, or that they lost their data and had the rug pulled from under them.

Go to the reviews in the opposite App Store, as well. Go to the Apple App Store if you are using Android, or go to the Google Play Store if you are using iOS, and then read the reviews there and they will say the same thing.

In fact, with one of the most recent updates to the game, the option to withdraw your money has been removed entirely. This means that it’s now simply just a bingo game, rather than a bingo game that claims to earn you money. The good news is that nobody put in a deposit, so nobody lost any money, but nobody is winning any money, either.

With all of that being said, we feel confident in ruling that this game is a scam. There is simply no way to get the money that the game tells you that you are earning, or to earn it like the advertisements claim that you would be able to. This is simply just a semi-fun bingo game with a low pressure playing style and not too many advertisements.

The one good thing about this game is that if you just want a bingo game to play without having to pause for advertisements, offers, and other business, then this actually works fairly well. Just don’t expect to earn any real money off of it, or you will be disappointed.


Friday 25th of August 2023

Bingo fun crazy carnival is a scam it has no way to cash out winning and no one answers when you try to contact support. The game says you have winnings but you never get any money and you watch a lot of adds.


Wednesday 21st of June 2023

It’s a scam nobody wins false advertisement shouldn’t be telling lies


Monday 3rd of April 2023

Bingo Fun/Carnival- your review is inaccurate to date 4/3/23-- the "cash out" option is there and you watch PLENTY of ads one of which i feel certain "snaps your pic" & it's an ad for PCH and another for a "load" ad and another i forget- they are NOT the common TRY ANOTHER GAME THAT ISNT FAKE MONEY ADS- but each time they pop up after X seconds the screen goes blank then pops back on just like a screenshot.... so i WON a $300 PayPal card- the winning amounts are placed on a sheet that looks like LIVE money cards in that they are keeping tallies of your winnings- the 1st 6 are all PayPal OR CashApp cards images... but they say "redeem coupons" and they are amounts of $300,$500,$1000,$2000,$5000- the 2 under that are a Bitcoin and a Gold card ( non specific) the very bottom 2 are ea. and $ $1000 Amazon & $1000 Walmart and are listed as "gift cards"..... so i did a "cash out " option on the $300 appx 7 days ago just to see what was up- kept playing in the meantime & racked up all the PayPal cards to a "cash out" position as well-- so today i check my PayPal balance to see if it was AT LEAST a rewards type deal figuring it WAS NOT cash, as you stated no one could give away that type of cash for long and stay afloat, except of course Biden and you are the Ukraine!! after 7days i got a msg on their msg board stating " Cash Out Results" " collecting 40 GOLD cards would activate money in your account"!! So it's def a SCAM! but a pretty cool Bingo game on its own-- but it def has a lot of "glitches" in the app & locks up etc . So i'm like a few dollars away from the Amazon "gift card" and will repot back as to the type of BS SCAM it is!! I wonder -are they're ANY legit games to make a little side money- ALSO why do your reviews read the same except you change the names?! Makes it seem like this place is a scam as well.... 🙄


Wednesday 21st of June 2023

@mel, no it’s fake I did the same thing it’s been 6 months and still haven’t been able to redeem any cash cards or money