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Mike Vick: GameTime (iOS) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Mike Vick: GameTime is a new game for the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices (or if you have the will, even an iOS emulator can play it). It’s one of the better football apps out on the iOS platform. It concentrates solely on the offensive side of the game, with a 4 on 4 style that’s somewhat similar to games like Ice Hockey for the NES (yes, that’s old school, bruh). You get one quarterback and three receivers, as well as bench players. Mike Vick: GameTime goes from easy to very tough, but read on for some tips and tricks for help beating the tougher stages!

Sometimes you start out at a huge disadvantage in Mike Vick: GameTime (the other team starts with a high score), so the biggest tip that you can use to overcome that is to know which plays you want to use and pick them as fast as possible. Between passing plays, the time will still run down, and it runs down before the center hikes the ball, too, so hike the ball as quickly as possible as well.

Taking a quarterback for a scramble can often be an easy way to score a touchdown in Mike Vick: GameTime, or at least a first down. First, look for a hole in the defenders (plays in which your receivers are spread far apart are good for this). Then take off running and juke your way to the hole. Juke back and forth to shake off defenders, and then hit the turbo (hold the screen) once you’re clear of them. Easy touchdown.

Ignore the play lines when you’re in the actual game. Focus instead on where your receivers are actually going, and which ones are the most open. Also, if you’re doing a short play, use the bullet pass every time, but when throwing a long play, only use the bullet pass if your receiver has high catch statistics, or he will be FAR more likely to drop the ball or get deflected.

You can get Mike Vick himself as a free agent, but he is VERY rare, costs 8,000 dollars, and pops up very rarely (most likely much later in the game). Right now, if you go to the free agency area, he will pop up momentarily while the free agents are loading, but if you try to tap “buy”, the game will crash. Watch out for updates to the game – they might fix the crashing, and unintentionally enable you to buy Michael Vick early.