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Qube Kingdom – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Qube Kingdom is a new tower defense game for the iOS and Android platfoms by DeNA on the Mobage network. This smash hit combines blocky cute graphics, the teeth clenching gameplay of tower defense games, and the upgrade and collection elements of card battling RPGs. It’s a simple game but as you get further and further in it can become quite difficult. Read on for some tips and tricks for Qube Kingdom!

Keep a good mix of range troops and melee troops in your active party. Range troops usually do the most damage and can deliver payloads over a longer distance, while the melee troops can block the enemy fighters’ advance while they’re attacking. Put one range and one melee closer together so that they can do the maximum amount of damage.

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Going getting tough? Start upgrading your current party members in order to increase their attack and health. The higher their base stats are, the more their stats will increase whenever you upgrade them but the more coins you’ll end up spending per upgrade.

Send ally requests to only the most powerful players that you encounter, because their leader will be available far more often on your help board. And whenever you get a very powerful troop (or if you have one or two that are disproportionately powerful), send them in first to take the best position and make sure that they’ll affect the entire board of enemies, if possible.

Red qubes build up slowly, and after a certain point you will be unable to train more of your soldiers. Instead, tap each individual troop to upgrade their health or their attack. The first upgrade will only cost 10 red qubes, making a full-team upgrade EXTREMELY cost effective.

Either win at old rounds or keep losing at new rounds once you get stuck on a new round as either way you will end up with loads of qubes. You’ll find new questors fairly frequently as well. If you don’t want a specific troop, sell it and pocket the qube, and then use the qube to upgrade current troops.