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Soldiers vs Aliens for iOS: How to get free credits (coins)

Soldiers vs Aliens is a new iPhone game that puts you against a whole bunch of nasty and dangerous aliens, most of which look like something you’d find in a nuclearized Manhattan sewer drain. Your goal is to use a whole range of weapons and armor to take down all of these aliens. Credits (also referred to as coins elsewhere in the game) are your main source of currency. While it can often be difficult to get what you need in order to get an upgrade that you want or need, it’s certainly not impossible. Here’s how to get more of them!

One way to get free credits is by doing the following. First, go to the main menu, and then, once you’re there, hit the “credits” button. From there, you’ll see the actual in game credits, as in, who is responsible for the game itself. Hit the Shop button at the top of the screen instead.

Once you are there, you’ll see all kinds of equipment, guns and gun upgrades that you can buy. Instead of buying these, go down to the lower right corner of the screen and you’ll see a “+ CREDITS” button. Tap it, and you’ll go to a menu to add credits, but there will be two buttons for free credits. One of them will be free credits for watching videos. The other one will be a whole bunch of (mostly) free offers that you can complete for credits.

Not only will those free offers earn you credits, but if you go to the offer that says “Come back to Tapjoy” or “Sign up for Tapjoy” and complete it, you’ll be taken to Tapjoy’s site with many more offers which will earn you free credits. You can get there by hitting the “visit tapjoy” button at the bottom of the screen as well. All of the Tapjoy offers will be for downloading some kind of app for free, and then using it.

Aside from offers, earn a bunch of credits by playing survival mode over and over. The better you do in survival mode, the more coins you can earn – thousands even, if you’re good enough at staying alive and killing monsters.