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How to play MinoMonsters for iPhone: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide for MinoMonsters for the iPhone! MinoMonsters is a monster collecting game similar to what would happen of Pokemon and Angry Birds had a child. You have monsters to collect, islands to win back from the evil Grublings, and MinoCredits to collect, so read on if you are new to the game or if you are just looking for some information that you haven’t found yet.

First of all, if you are a MinoMonsters player from the older days of this game, you might be wondering why it’s so different now. The developers decided to completely reinvent the game, leaving out the exploration aspect of the game for a strengthened focus on the battling and monster collecting aspects of the game. Many of the traits of the old game have gone into the new one, but there are many new tricks, quirks and whatnot in the game that are there to be discovered, as well.

Like in the old game, you start off picking between your choice of three different monsters: a water type, a plant type or a fire type. Immediately after you pick you will be sent to your home island. This is where you can shop from the store and manage your team. Tap on your monster (and any other future monsters that you catch) to check out their statistics, including hit points, experience points, and all of that fun junk.

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See the big, straw hatted beach bum? He runs the store, so tap on him and you’ll be able to buy various items. These include MinoCredits, which are the premium (and only) currency in the game. You can buy those with real life money, or you can buy premium monsters and candies with MinoCredits themselves. If your monsters are hurt, you can use the “heal” button at the top of the screen to heal all of them. Free heals regenerate every fifteen minutes, but if you want to heal them before that, you have to use candies to do so.

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