My Singing Monsters for iOS: How to get more Coins and Diamonds

In My Singing Monsters for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, there are two main forms of currency. The first one is coins, which are the primary currency of the game. With coins, you can buy your basic monsters and most everything else that you need in the game. Diamonds, on the other hand, will buy you rare, exclusive goodies and speed ups in the game, but are much tougher to get than coins. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The long way to get a lot of coins is to load up your monster island with as many monsters as you possibly can. The more monsters that you have, the more that you can collect from. Make sure they are all happy by having their favorite monsters and decorations nearby, and if you run out of beds on your monster island, then go back to your castle and upgrade it again as needed.

In addition, grow a ton of food and feed your monsters as often as possible to increase their hourly coin income but, most importantly, to increase their max coins.

The short way to get a lot of coins is to breed two of your basic monsters (for this you should use two of the following: mammott, noggin and toe jammer). Now, breed them, and then send the egg over to the incubator to hatch. Breeding and incubating should both take half an hour or so. Then, once your egg hatches in the incubator, instead of placing it in your island, sell it. You will earn a large amount of coins for selling a hybrid monster – somewhere around 4,100 coins, making this the quickest coin-earning strategy in the whole game.

There is only one known way to get more diamonds so far, and that is to purchase them with real life money. There are a select few quests that you can complete in the game that earn you diamonds as a reward, but they are few and far between.