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MonsterCrafter: How to get more Coins and Diamonds

MonsterCrafter, a monster-collecting and building RPG that’s like if Pokemon and Minecraft had a baby, lets you quest through dungeons with your monsters and even play online against other players. Best part is, no two monsters are ever the same since there are so many customization options. Coins and diamonds are the two forms of currency in the game, with coins being the standard currency, and diamonds being the premium one. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to get more coins is to battle in dungeons. Keep battling and winning to earn more coins. If you need to train your monster to increase its happiness, but you run out of coins, either go back to an old level that you can easily beat and play it again and again (since your monster should be able to survive its unhappiness and win), or just create a new monster so you can battle with a happy monster to earn some coins.

However, if you don’t tap the coins that drop, you will not pick them up. Tap the coins that drop before you launch another attack. When you launch the hit that defeats the opposing monster, tap all of the coins that drop quickly, using multiple fingers, before they disappear, because they disappear quickly and when they do, they will be gone forever.

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Play the slot machine in your monster’s den for a chance at winning coins. You seemingly have a higher chance at winning coins when you let the slot machine finish on its own, rather than stopping the three slots early by tapping, but that’s not necessarily a sure thing.

Always be sure to go to the store and claim your daily prize. Your daily prize can be either coins, diamonds, or even something else, but this is your main method of getting free diamonds in the game. Plus, when you complete a dungeon for the first time, you will gain a huge bonus as a reward for doing so.

Otherwise, you can always buy more in the shop if you don’t mind spending money. You can buy 4,000 coins at a time, or multiple packages of diamonds. Or, you can buy the full package of 299 diamonds, 19,999 coins and 999 shoes/energy.