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Castaway Home Designer: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Castaway Home Designer is a new exploration and interior design game for the iOS and Android platforms. You are trapped on a deserted island, but luckily, you have all kinds of interior design skills and equipment to help you make do. So your goal is to discover new houses and buildings, collect gems, and decorate each new room to the specifications given, combined with your own personal taste. Read on for some tips and tricks for Castaway Home Designer!

Whenever you unlock a new building, you will have a list of likes and dislikes for it. The list will be incomplete, but as you add new stuff to the room inside, the list will be filled out further. To increase the like rating on a house, go by the list when you are adding stuff to the interior so that you have a reference point

If something pops up on the dislikes list, find everything that corresponds with the list and put it back into your inventory to use on a different room in order to save energy. The only stuff that you should leave behind is that which you are required to put into the room in order to complete your mission. After the mission is complete, take it back out. But make sure to collect your reward first.

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The higher the like rating is on a building, the more gems you can collect from it. At certain time intervals, you will be able to host a party, and this is where you will earn the highest amount of gems per building. The gems will correspond to the like reading whether or not you are hosting a party or not, though.

Buildings will also give you coins to collect. Coins are the premium currency of the game, or at least the one that is the rarest. Coins can be used to purchase furniture packs, which will give you a whole host of new furniture to add to your inventory. You can also purchase one furniture pack at a time for free, by watching an advertisement video.

You are never done designing for your old buildings, either. Once you unlock some new furniture, go back to your old buildings and see what corresponds with the like list, and add it to your buildings. Even if the interior of the building looks ridiculously crowded, the happiness rating will still increase. The design itself does not play a role in the happiness rating; only the totaled-up contents of the interior do.

Gems are also used for purchasing more space that is covered by clouds. When you purchase this area, more buildings will be unlocked. If you can afford to, keep purchasing this space whether or not you are finished decorating all of your current buildings for the moment. The more buildings that you have, the more gems that you can collect, because every building comes pre-stocked with a little bit of furniture.