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Castaway Paradise – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Castaway Paradise is a new game for the iPad and iPhone that’s been compared to the Nintendo GameCube classic Animal Crossing, along with its many ancestors. There isn’t much of a final goal in this game – this is an open sandbox type of game, and all that you have to do is live among a bunch of slightly odd looking anthopomorphic characters, completing tasks that they give you, and building your island the exact way that you see fit. Read on for some tips and tricks for Castaway Paradise!

If you are the type that would rather complete a given quest than do the whole sandbox thing, follow the quests for a good idea on what to do next as well as rewards that you will get for doing so. As you complete current quests, new quests will continue to pop up. Be sure to pay attention to the EXACT directions of each quest or you may not get the given reward.

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Everyone wants to get something interesting for finishing quests but before you open up all of the blockades, the prizes might be lame. Wait until you finish opening up all of the blockades just to be safe. Not all of the quests require a blockade to be open, but many of them do require that.

Pay attention to where the quest is telling you to go next. It will ALWAYS tell you because it will point to whoever you need to talk to in order to receive the quest. If there’s an arrow, then follow the arrow, but the arrows disappear after the tutorial is done, so remember their locations for the next time that you need to go and see them.

If you want to earn a lot of gems, try investing in the stock market, which is located inside of the town hall. Also, sell items to Polly that you find during your digs to make extra gems.

Unlock new pieces of the island by finding puzzle pieces, then going to a broken bridge and plugging them into the puzzle. Each set of puzzle pieces (nine total) will unlock a new piece of the island. Find pieces to only one puzzle at a time so that you don’t accidentally run yourself out of pieces, or at least so that you can unlock the island faster.