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Wire #Sorrybro – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Wire #Sorrybro, also known simply as Wire, is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to make your wire go for as long as possible while avoiding all obstacles. You have to keep your wire within the light spaces and keep it out of the dark spaces. If you hit a dark space, no matter the size on the shape of it, you lose. You can also collect diamonds and purchase entirely new appearances for the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wire!

There are a ton of different shapes and animations that appear throughout the level. The size and the shape of an object do not matter one bit. All that matters is whether or not it is a dark object. If it is, avoid it. If it’s not, then you can go through it and still keep going.

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Every new team that you unlock changes the currency in the game, but the quantity that you have carries over no matter what type of currency it is. For example, if you have the Ketchup, the currency will be ketchup bottles. If you have the gold team, the currency will be golden boy on. No matter what your theme is, there is a lot of currency to collect in each level.

There are a lot of free currencies to collect outside of the levels; for example, free timed gifts and advertisement videos will award you with 5 to 10 free diamonds at the same time. However, you can earn the far more within the levels themselves simply by collecting them. One good run has the potential to earn you 20 or even 30 diamonds at the same time.

You can unlock a number of free themes without having to spend any diamonds. Go to the scene menu and hit the Facebook like button for each of the two free themes, which are gold and ketchup. The themes will unlock right away, even if you don’t follow through with actually liking the game or following the company after you hit the button.

Your score is not determined by the amount of currency that you collect and each level. Rather, it is simply determined by how long you can keep the round going for. If you are going for a high score or if the choice is between grabbing some currency that is in that tough to reach place or taking an easier route that doesn’t have anything there, take the easy route.