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Next Please! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Next Please! is a new time management game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to have clerks at a mind-numbing customer service job serve customers in the most efficient way possible. The going gets faster and faster, so you have to come up with new strategies in order to keep your customers happy. Your goal is to go for as long as possible without a customer blowing their top, to collect coins, and to unlock new customers and workplaces. Read on for some tips and tricks for Next Please!

You start off with one clerk at the counter and as you get deeper into the round, a second one appears, followed by a third one. Tap on one of the clerks to go to the customer who is not being helped. You can leave a customer behind if they haven’t already been fully help, and sometimes you are going to have to in order to keep a different customer from blowing their top.

This actually leads to a very simple strategy that can earn you a score of well over 100 points easily. Once you have three clerks on the screen, simply tap on the clerks from left to right, with between a half-second wait and a one second wait in between each task. After tapping the clerk on the right, start again on the left. You can keep this up for an extremely long period of time without pissing off your customers, due to how the mechanics of this game work.

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Coins will drop sometimes when you are playing in a round, or you can earn coins by watching free advertisement videos and by completing the quests that have been given to you by the game. Even when they going becomes fast-paced in the game, you can still collect coins with another finger.

When you earn enough coins, you will be able to unlock a new workplace or a new customer. After you unlock a new workplace, it will have its own specific customers as well. All customers give you the same amount of points; all that changes is their appearance, so you can add a little bit of color to the game instead of having a whole bunch of clones at your counters.

Check the all-time leaderboard to see how your best score matches up against the best scores from other players around the world on your platform. If you see a completely unrealistic score in the millions or something, then most likely it has been hacked. If the score looks difficult but attainable, then that is the real high score, and should be the one to shoot for when you go on a high-scoring run.