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Mobile Strike – Resource Guide: How to load up on stone, iron, oil, food, and coins

Mobile Strike is the new Game of War, complete with celebrity endorsements, insanely addictive alliance play, and all the rest that goes with that. The most basic collectibles in this game are stone, oil, iron, food and coins. You need a lot of them for ALL purposes, but especially to load up on troops and run roughshod over your opponents. Read on for a guide on how to load up on all of the resources in Mobile Strike!

The first four resources can be had by building and leveling up the buildings outside the wire. These are your quarries, iron mines, oil wells, and farms. Fill up all of the spaces out there – don’t leave a space blank. As you level up, more spaces will unlock. Fill those too.

Pay special attention to the farms, especially. All of these resources are needed for construction, but food is needed for your troops, and if your farms aren’t producing enough food or you have too many troops at a time, you will go into negative food production, which is notated by your food counter turning red. Always try to have more farms than you have of the other resource builders.

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Coins are the only one that are collected from inside the wire. Build more banks and upgrade them to get more coins. Also, you might need to build more banks than any of the other resource buildings (except for farms). Warehouses will protect all of your resources, to a degree, EXCEPT for coins, so coins will frequently get stolen by other players when they attack you.

You earn all kinds of rewards for completing missions, which include all five of the above resources. Resources are earned once you tap “Claim” to claim the rewards. With base missions, it’s generally best not to tap “Claim” until you immediately need the rewards, especially when it comes to the coins. If you let the rewards sit unclaimed, they will not be shown to other players, nor can other players steal them. Don’t worry, they will not expire.

When you join an alliance, always check to see when prizes pop up, which happens whenever anyone in your alliance purchases a gold pack. These will expire if they are not claimed within 24 hours, unlike the mission rewards, so claim them as soon as you see them. Most often these will either contain resources, or a resource collection booster.

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