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Mobile Strike – Resource Guide: How to load up on stone, iron, oil, food, and coins, page 2

Resource items are also a huge boost, are fairly common to win, and can be used whenever you need them. Don’t use them before you need them, so that they can’t get stolen by other players. Instead, save them so that they can be used just in time for whenever you need them right away. No point in wasting them.

Check the free prizes that you get, and check the shooting gallery. The gallery will provide you with loads of free opportunities to earn. You’ll earn free ammo packs sometimes, too, and if you bought ammo packs, you can use those to shoot at targets and win resources. Look out for the virtual combat simulator in a future update, as well.

Go to the Correct for Rewards area in the “more” menu. When you go here, you will have three different options to help the translation system improve, and if your translation is either the most chosen or the most accurate, depending on which you choose, then you’ll win loads of rewards. Different translations have different prizes.

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You’ll get alliance points and loyalty for various actions that you accomplish within your alliance. With the loyalty, you can purchase basic boosts, such as 24 hour resource boosts, and when they become available, you can get resource packs as well. Alliance points can only be used by the leader and by rank-4 members, so if you are one of these, purchase wisely, and if you are not, then lobby your leaders for the resource boosts that you want. You can also send and receive resources with your alliance under the “Resource Help” button.

Participate in any of the challenges that pop up. If you rank high enough to earn prizes, usually the prizes will consist of all five of the resources, or a specific selection of the resources. There are usually multiple events going on at the same time; if you can’t participate in all of them, then commit to one of them and participate in it, earning as many points as you can until it ends.

Of course, you can attack and raid other players, and other NPC territories for resources. Be sure to occupy various resource tiles, and look for special events, because often, new resource tiles will pop up that earn you all of the resource types at once when you occupy them.

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