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Total Conquest – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Total Conquest is a new iOS and Android game set back in the days of ancient Rome. This whimsical take on the Clash of Clans gameplay formula is arguably the most graphically advanced one in the entire genre. Total Conquest is set in a period of the Roman Empire where Caesar has just recently passed away, and with no heir to the throne, thousands of Roman warlords (including yourself, naturally) are fighting to take over the throne. Thus begins the MMO strategy gameplay that is so deceptively simple, yet so addicting. Read on for some tips and tricks for Total Conquest!

You start the game off with a ton of crowns, but if you use them to speed up every little thing, they run out very quickly. Save your crowns for when you really need them, and be sure to keep checking out the achievements tab, because once you complete an achievement, you earn free crowns (and experience points).

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Any of your soldiers will disappear after battle, whether they die or not. Send in the minimum amount of soldiers that you absolutely have to so that you don’t end up having to retrain every single one of them in the barracks. A good rule of thumb is to send out only as many as you need to destroy all of the defensive towers, then let the remainder slowly destroy the rest of the base afterwards.

Build more Muster Grounds as quickly as possible, and upgrade them as soon as you can so that you can hold more soldiers at once. This will enable you to fight battles back to back (assuming that they are the easier battles), and to send in far more cheap troops (such as Legionarios) to take out harder bases before you unlock advanced troops. The more you can send in at a time, the farther that you can punch above your weight.

Send your troops in using a circle formation. This will ensure that when spike traps spring, they won’t damage all of your troops, but just one or a few of them instead. Alternatively, send in one or two Legionarios at a time in order to spring traps, then send in the rest when they are safe from trap danger.

You’re going to run out of space very quickly to store gold or food. Build more food and gold storages and upgrade them quickly in order to increase the quantity of each, but concentrate on the food the most because that’s what you are going to use to train soldiers, and soldiers go quickly if you are doing heavy battling.