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Pocket Trains: How to win without spending any money

Pocket Trains is the smash hit 8-bit-style train station simulator by NimbleBit, the company behind airport simulator Pocket Planes. You start off with only one measly little train station, but as you move forward in the game, you can expand extraordinarily far, eventually ending up on every continent on earth. There are plenty of opportunities to spend real life money in order to get ahead, but there’s absolutely no need to do so if you know how to avoid it. Read on to find out how to win in Pocket Trains without spending any money!

Any money that is spent will go toward buying Bux, the premium currency of the game. Bux can be used to speed things along when you are tired of waiting for trains to make deliveries, or they can be exchanged for coins, which are used to buy new continental licenses, new train stations, and a myriad of other things in the game. Bux are also used when you are opening up train crates, which contain parts for new trains and fuel tanks.

There are so many ways to get bux for free in this game that it’s almost worthless to actually spend money on them unless you have zero patience. Look for deliveries which pay out in Bux, because they pop up VERY frequently. Complete these deliveries as a matter of first priority. Plus, watch the train go and you’ll see coins and bux fly by. Tap the bux to collect them. Trade them in later or use them to open train crates.

Pay attention to the daily events, and complete the event quests daily by delivering all 75 train cars that correspond with the event. Once you complete it, you’ll earn free Bux, along with train crates and other goodies, in exchange for finishing the quest.

Speeding things up can be done for free, as well. Simply set the time ahead on your phone to speed things along. Set the time ahead by however long it takes to complete your most drawn out delivery, then go back to the game and collect your profits. You can do this trick as many times as you want to, with no limits whatsoever.