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Pocket Trains – How to get more Crates, Train Parts and Trains

Pocket Trains is the latest NimbleBit entry into the pantheon of fun games with old school 8 bit computer graphics. Your goal is to get as many trains as possible, but to do that you need to build train engines and start new railroads. Read on for some tips on how to get more train parts, crates, trains and railroads!

The first thing that you need to do in all of this is to get more crates. Crates can be opened up and usually when you open them, you will end up with train parts. You can get crates as a bonus for gaining an experience level.
In addition, when your trains are at their station, go look at the available jobs. If you see any job that doesn’t pay in either coins or Bux, it will be a job that pays in crates instead. Also, if you see an exclamation point next to the Station button, that means you will be able to buy a “special item”, usually a crate.

Now, to build another train, you will need a certain number of parts for that one kind of train. Go to the Trains tab in the menu to see if you have enough parts for any trains. Once you do you can either build an engine or a fuel tank. Build an engine.

Next, go to one of your cities, and you will be able to build a new railroad by tapping on the “New RR” button. This allows you to stick your new train engine at the city to use as a homebase, but of course, it costs coins in order to do so.

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Your other option with a brand new train engine is to add it onto a pre-existing train, if the “max engines” rating is high enough to allow you to do so (this depends on the kind of train you have). Adding additional engines to a train increases the amount of cargo that you can carry.

If you decide to build a fuel tank instead, you can only add it onto an existing train, and you can’t run it on its own. However, it does increase the maximum amount of fuel that a train can carry.