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Pocket Trains – How to get Free Bux and Coins

Pocket Trains is Tiny Tower maker NimbleBit’s new entry into the mobile games field, and like its predecessor Pocket Planes, it’s already become a smash hit. There are two different kinds of currency in Pocket Trains. The main currency is coins, while the premium currency is Bux. Both of them are rather difficult to come by, but there are plenty of ways to get both of them for free. Read on to find out how!

The main way to get coins, of course, is to complete deliveries. Maximize your coins by doing the shortest deliveries possible, and dragging your cars to the city closest to where your train is. If there aren’t a whole lot of missions for that city, then go to other cities, but try to stick to the closest city if possible.

Maximize the speed that you can earn the coins at by using the time cheat, setting the time ahead on your phone to finish the deliveries instantly. Do this over and over, and you can earn a TON of coins.

Look for deliveries that pay in Bux instead of coins, as these pop up more frequently than you would think. Pick these, no matter what, when you see them, even if that ends up being the only mission that you see at the time, because it’s possible to rack up Bux very quickly with these.

Use the Bux that you earn to buy coins in the “Bank” area. The exchange rate depends on the day, and is completely random, so if you are patient, wait until the exchange rate is at a high level to do the trade. Otherwise, just do the trade as you see fit.

When a train is driving, you can watch it drive down the tracks, and you can catch the coins and the Bux that fly up overhead. Watch out for the big coins, as they are worth ten coins, and for one Bux to pop up every so often. You can greatly increase your income this way if you don’t want to do the time cheat.

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