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Pocket Trains – Top 10 Cheats and Tricks

NimbleBit originally conceived its original iOS and Android hit Pocket Planes under the name “Pocket Trains”, but they liked the original concept so much that they brought it back, bringing Pocket Trains to the App Store and Google Play very recently. Pocket Trains hundreds of potential hours of gameplay, with the ability to expand your train empire across every continent except for Antartica. It’s a long way from here to there, though, so read on for the top 10 tips and cheats for Pocket Trains!

10) Watch a train drive to its destination for the chance to earn more coins and Bux.
After you send a train out on a delivery, you can watch it go on its merry way, with the added bonus of picking up extra coins and Bux. Small coins, big coins, and Bux will pop up every ten seconds or so (with the big coins being worth 10 regular coins). Watch and tap the popup currencies in order to pick them up.

9) Keep the “Shutdown” function in mind later on in the game.
The Shutdown function can be found in the “Train” menu. It has no use early on, but it will begin to make sense once you open up a new continent that’s overseas from your current continent. Shutting down your railroad line will stick the engine in your Yard, which will allow you to then place it anywhere in the world. This is the fastest way to take a train from Australia to America.

8) Sick of running out of fuel? Cheat time to bring it back instantly!
If you run out of fuel, go set the time ahead on your phone or device, then go to the game, and your fuel will be completely refilled. Thirty minutes to an hour is usually a good amount of time to set the game ahead by.

7) Watch out for the jobs that pay you in Bux or crates.
These jobs pop up more often than you would think. Scroll up and down the entire jobs list, and you’re likely to see at least one that pays in Bux, or at least one “Train Crate” delivery which pays with a crate, or both. Take these whenever you see them.

6) Don’t own a route but still want to make a delivery? Drop it off halfway.
This is especially beneficial for Bux and crate deliveries that your current train doesn’t own the route for. Take the delivery and drop it off at a midway point, so that another train can pick it up. Send the other train to pick it up from the stockyard and take it to its intended delivery point.

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