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Tower War – Tactical Conquest: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Tower War – Tactical Conquest is a new tactical puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. You start each round in this game with one or two towers, and your goal is to send out your troops and and take over the towers that are controlled by your enemies. You can use infantry, tanks, and gun towers, collect coins and diamonds, and engage in much deeper gameplay than is initially advertised, such as unlocking new and rare troops and equipment.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Tower War – Tactical Conquest!

The actual strategy to beating each level is fairly simple, at least in the PVE version of the game. Generally, you start by sending your troops out to either the nearest tower or to the tower that takes the least amount of time to take over. Then you branch out to the surrounding ones, and make sure to take the gun towers so that they don’t snipe your troops. Speed is key.

The more troops that you put into towers, you will start unlocking new paths that you can use to target more enemy towers, and to target them with more troops. Each tower will have a little icon consisting of between one and three balls over it; the opaque white balls represent available attack routes that are not being utilized, while the transparent balls represent traffic routes that are currently full. If you don’t have use for a route anymore, you can swipe across it in order to break it so that you can build another route elsewhere.

As you make your way through the game you will unlock more difficult game modes, with arguably the toughest being PVP. You and another player will try to strategize against each other and take over each other’s towers, and the same strategy generally applies, although it will be tougher to put into action against live players. You and other players can compete for trophies, and as the trophies increase, so does the skill level of the players that you will face off against.

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Once you make it past level 21, an entirely new batch of extras will unlock, including the ability to find new and rare troops, upgrade your troops by leveling them up, and give your troops equipment in order to increase their skill, speed, and strength. The higher the level of your troop, the more pieces of equipment that they will be able to use at a time.

Almost every victory bonus can be enhanced by watching an advertisement video; on the regular stages, you can multiply your coins, and on the special stages and PVP, you can spin again and reroll for the top prize, such as red diamonds.

Be sure to take every free bonus that you unlock, such as being able to watch a video in order to earn a free chest. Even if it’s not the gold chest, you still have a chance at earning more equipment so that you can fill up all of your equipment slots, as well as unlocking new troops with different skills.