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Fortnight Guardians – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Fortnight Guardians is a new app for the iOS and Android platforms that has risen quickly up the charts in the game category. The reason for this is that it claims to be a revival of Fortnite, which was pulled off of the App Store a while ago in the midst of a dispute between Epic Games and Apple, and Google as well. This dispute was centered around the cut of money that Apple and Google took for purchases within the app.

Ever since the game disappeared from the App Store, fans have been wondering when it will be back. Especially now, with the lawsuit against Apple seemingly settled, it would make sense for the game to reappear on the App Store and for loyal fans to be able to play it again. The lawsuit against Google is still ongoing, but that one should be settled soon, as well.

Recently, Fortnight Guardians has appeared in the App Store and has started to race up the charts. Noticed the spelling of the name of the app is not the same as the spelling of the game itself. Why is that?

Download the app and run it, and will notice a few things. The first is that the spelling and grammar seems to be a little bit off. The second is that, rather than everything looking legitimate, everything appears to simply be coming from a hastily coded website, rather than an actual game app.

The game will ask you to pick your starting character, then pick your email address. These alone are not necessarily indicators of whether a game is legitimate or a scam, but the deal will be sealed by what happens next.

After you pick your starting character and your email address, then the game will ask you to put your credit card in. The claim is that your credit card will be used to verify that you are over the age of 18, and to verify your location so that the game can feed you appropriate content. Read a little bit deeper into it to discover that not everything is what it seems.

Go and read the small print, because the small print will tell you the truth, which is that instead of membership being free, as is claimed by the large print, you will actually be charged $40 for putting in your credit card. The small print claims that this is the fee to subscribe to some nonexistent service about finding your soulmate. The service doesn’t exist, and neither does the app that it claims the charge is for.

In other words, the game is blatantly lying about the credit card being used for age and location verification, and about the whole free membership bit. There is no way to avoid getting charged $40, and there is not even a real game underneath this, so the verdict is that Fortnight Guardians is unequivocally a scam, and you should avoid it at all costs.

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