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Rent Please! Landlord Sim – Community Prosperity Guide and Tips

Rent Please! Landlord Sim is a game where you can build a community, collect rent, and help out tenants with their problems. Community prosperity is one of the most important and misunderstood factors in the entire game. Through increasing your community prosperity, you will be able to unlock all sorts of new features within the game, such as different types of apartments and decorations, different businesses, new cities, the ability to own your own house, and much more.

Read on for a guide to increasing community prosperity in Rent Please! Landlord Sim!

To start with, you may have figured out that the way to measure your community prosperity is by using the yellow bar at the top of the screen, in the middle. This bar looks like an experience level bar, but its purpose is actually to measure what your community prosperity level is.

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In general, your community prosperity level is decided by two things. One of these factors is how many apartments you have unlocked. This is fairly simple and straightforward; simply unlock more apartments in order to make it to the next community prosperity level.

The other factor is listed within the game as “percentage of achievements completed“, but this is misleading. This has nothing to do with achievements, or quests, and everything to do with the average level of the decorations within all of your apartments. You simply have to upgrade your decorations, furniture, fixtures, and more, in order to increase this.

Some community prosperity levels are easier to achieve, and some are harder to achieve. There are a select few where you will be required to have an achievement level of 100%. This means that you will have unlocked the top level of every every piece of furniture, decoration, and fixture contained within your apartments. This is a long and slow grinding process, but this is how you have to upgrade your community prosperity in these regards.

The good news is that most community prosperity levels do not require this. This is typically only reserved for the upgrade where your next level is an entirely new city or apartment type. So, even though it’s a grind, it’s worth it.

There are two ways to speed the entire process along. The first is, when you are offline for a long period, check back with the game every two hours. Collect your offline income, double it if you are able to using the advertisement video bonus, and then set a timer for two hours later, and shut the game off.

After the two hours is done, come back to the game and collect your offline income in the same way, with an advertisement video if you’re able to. Set another two hour timer, and repeat. Every time you collect your income, purchase as many upgrades to your furniture as you possibly can, and also start construction on a new apartment.

As far as the apartments ago, watch advertisement videos in order to speed up the construction. You will be able to knock 10 minutes off of the construction time every time you watch a video; you can also finish the construction right away by purchasing a speed-up using diamonds.