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F1 Mobile: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

F1 Mobile is the officially-licensed iOS and Android game for Formula 1 Racing. Your goal is to win the race against the computer and against other players, while earning F1 credits, upgrading your custom car, racing the most famous tracks in Formula One, and customizing your car to be exactly the way you want it. Read on for some tips and tricks for F1 Mobile!

Right from the beginning, you can choose whether you want to use driver assist or not. Your best choice depends on how much experience you have in realistic racing games, or in F1 games of previous eras. Use the assist if you need to get the hang of the handling, but if you are experienced, go no-assist, as you can run faster races without the assistance.

If you want to earn F1 Credits and Resource Points quickly, then complete the challenges. The challenges will mostly earn you F1 Credits, but Resource Points can be earned as well, and both of these currencies can be put to strong use later on. Each time you complete a challenge, you unlock a new challenge, so complete these challenges ASAP to earn the highest possible number of F1 credits.

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Spend your Resource Points and your F1 Credits on the R&D packs to advance your game as quickly as possible. You’ll earn plenty of both as the game goes on, so you’ll have many opportunities to earn, and then to purchase based off of what you earned. Whenever you open R&D packs, you earn new parts that you can use to upgrade your car.

If you want to keep using your custom car, you can make it faster than anything else on the track with upgrades. If you want to use real-life F1 cars, though, you have to pay real money in order to purchase them using an in-app purchase. After your purchase them, not only will their performance be sky-high, but you will also be able to upgrade them too.

Play the singles in order to practice your racing with very little negative effect if you lose. Get the hang of the steering and handling here, then when you feel like you’re ready, switch over to the PvP modes in order to earn giant prizes, including the prizes associated being in one of the top leagues.


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