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Digimon ReArise – Full Unlock Guide: Digiwalk, Dimensional Vortex, Clash Battle, Underworld, Battle Pack, DigiGuild, and more!

Digimon ReArise is chock full of interesting stuff that you can unlock. When you first start playing the game, you have access to the full slate of story missions, but there is a lot of stuff that is still behind a gate until you get far enough into the game to access it. At first, it’s not immediately obvious what any of it is.

However, we can describe exactly what it is, what to do with it, and how to get it. Read on for a full unlock guide in Digimon ReArise!

Dimensional Vortex

This is one of the first things that you unlock as you go through the game. You can find the Dimensional Vortex by clearing out the last stage of Act 2. The Dimensional Vortex is a non-linear series of battles, not dissimilar to the story battles.

This area is loaded with all sorts of dungeons called Vortexes that come with different rewards. They are typically open for limited amounts of time; if you scroll down below the open list of vortexes, you can look through the ones that are closed, as well as see a countdown timer to when they each open up.

Some of the vortex fights will be very easy, but for the most part, they’ll be tougher than the standard battles; a little bit to a lot depending on the chosen difficulty. You can earn LOADS of free DigiRubies from them, though, among other goodies.

Clash Battle (Raid Battle)

You can get this one after you beat Act 3 Scene 3. Anyone who is familiar with any sort of MMO knows all about raid battles. Once you unlock Clash Battles, you have to discover them in story stages, and the discovery tends to be fairly random.

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The raid is where the friendship feature in Digimon ReArise gets fun. You can invite your friends, as well as members of your guild, to fight alongside you in raid battles. You will also be able to fight other friends’ raid battles; make sure to participate in as many as possible for the best chances at rewards.

You also unlock the Raid Shop when you unlock the Clash Battles, which you can then use to purchase goodies using CB Medals. These, and DGV-Codes (which you use to digivolve your characters) are the primary reasons for the raid battle.

Battle Park (Arena Battle)

You can unlock Battle Park shortly after Clash Battle, at Act 3 Scene 6.

Battle Park puts your team of five against your opponent’s team of five. Bandai is surprisingly generous with its DigiRubies, but most of them come through the Battle Park mode, so you have to play unless you literally don’t care about summoning new Digimon at all.

You’re going to want to set your team up especially balanced here, with a good mix of blue/red DPS people, yellow tanks, green healers, and purple all-arounders. Exploit an enemy’s imbalance. Fight as often as possible, rise through the tiers and ranks, and get the best rewards and the most DigiRubies that you can.


This mode unlocks after completing Act 7 in the main story mode, and is one of the last unlocks of the entire game. The Underworld is the floor-by-floor tower climb that typically serves as the holy grail of any RPG, especially any mobile RPG. This is one of your best sources of extreme rewards in the entire game, like DigiRubies, DigiOrbs, Bits, DGV-Codes, and more.

Being that this is a tower climber, you can only play each stage once. So after you unlock this, play right away to blow through quite a few floors. Then after that, play every once in awhile when you feel like you’ll beat a few new stages.


This unlocks after you complete Act 3 Season 3. This allows you to evolve a Digimon into its new form. In order to do that, you need an elemental DGV-Code (Digivolve Code). You can earn this from quests, missions, from (obviously) the Battle Park, Underworld, and more. The rarer the Digimon and its associated DGV-code, the harder they are to find.


Digiwalk is a step-counter mode that lets the game hook up with your phone pedometer so that you can get rewards. Clear Season 3 Act 5 to unlock it. Digiwalk will show up in your little farm/village area next to your name and your level.

Digiwalk allows your phone to count your steps and in turn earns you rewards when you walk with your Digimon, such as currencies, items, and higher bond.

If it’s not showing up for you then either your phone doesn’t have a pedometer, you’re playing on a tablet or emulator, or it hasn’t been added in your country or region yet. For whatever reason, the feature seems to be getting rolled out in one region at a time.


Guilds unlock after Act 5 Scene 4 in the main story mode. This allows you and other players to join up into guilds, with either you as a founder or a joining member. Founding it, of course, is more expensive.

Aside from going on raids/Clash Battles together, the main benefit is to get guild rewards. Check in with your guild every day to get your guild rewards. Make sure to either weed out members who don’t play frequently (if you are the guild leader) or join a guild with active members all the way down (if you are just a member) so that you and your guildmates can have the biggest possible advantage.

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