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Digimon Fusion Fighters (iOS) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Digimon Fusion Fighters is a unique new card battling game based on the new branch of the TV series, Digimon Fusion. The goal of this game is to complete various quests and collect Digimon via battles against enemy Digimon, which get tougher and tougher as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Digimon Fusion Fighters for the iPhone and iPad!

As you complete various quests, you’ll earn Digimon for free. These Digimon that you earn from your quest can be added to your subteam, and when they are added to your subteam, more special attacks will become available to you. Increase the experience level of your team to unlock more spaces on your subteam that you can add Digimon into.

As far as adding them into your main team, though, you can’t find any Digimon in the game itself which can be added to your main team. Those have to be added using the codes on Digimon cards or using the game’s scanning ability to scan the cards into the game, so if you have any old Digimon cards anywhere, or your friends have them, borrow their cards to try and add them. Or go to the store and buy more card packs, and use the cards from the packs to add Digimon to your team.

Hit the targets as fast as you can to execute as many attacks as possible before time runs out. The band-aid target will restore some of your hit points, while the critical target will execute a high damage attack. The X-shaped target will not only do damage to the enemy, but will also add to your AP, which will enable you to do special attacks that do huge amounts of damage to the enemy.

If you get stuck on a specific level or a specific difficulty of a certain level, play the easier difficulties, or play easier levels that you have already beaten, so that you can level up your team. Each time that you level up your team, you’ll gain health, attack points and defense points, and the ability to add a new Digimon to your subteam. Plus, you might also find new Digimon to add to your subteam, and those added to your subteam will increase your overall statistics as well.