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Guide to Magimon for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Magimon is a new card collecting battle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, bringing familiar gameplay with some new twists. Magimon takes a bit of a cuter tack than other card battling games, looking for all the world like a Pokemon and Digimon competitor rather than a Rage of Bahamut competitor, and the quests have you searching houses in cities, trying to solve puzzles and cases and find the people you need. Read on for some tips and tricks for Magimon!

Each time that you gain a level in Magimon, you earn three stat points which can then be used to increase either your energy, your mana or your stat points. Use them to increase your energy the most, since that is what tends to run out the quickest. A good rule of thumb is to add four energy points for every one mana points and one life point that you add, but you don’t even have to add that many mana and life points in order to keep up.

More energy will enable you to earn more silver more easily in this game as well, since questing is the main method of earning silver. Another way to earn a lot of silver, though, is to go to the battle mode and, rather than tapping on a fragment that you don’t have yet, tap on one that you find earlier in the quests, so that you bring up lower-level players to battle. Battle them until you run out of mana, beat them, and you’ll easily load up on silver.

Each time that you get a new Magimon, check back into the lab, in the evolution side of it, and go look at your recipes to see if you have any new ones. Often a random one will simply pop up in the recipe book; that means you can now make an evolution, so take one or both of the Magimon out of your party (if you have to do so) and evolve them together.