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Hot Brain: Tricky Puzzles – All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1: Which one is the most expensive? The book, because knowledge is power.

Level 2: To help Grandma get on the train: simple use your finger to drag her over to the train.

Level 3: To make your girl glad, take the flowers from the one girl and give them to the other girl.

Level 4: To wake up the dog, drag the moon off of the bottom right corner of the screen. If you don’t go far enough and you lose the ability to catch the moon, start the stage over.

Level 5: To drink more water, mix all of the drops together to make one big huge water trough, then tap on it.

Level 6: Which is the tallest? It’s the star in the top right corner of the screen.

Level 7: To find a different ball, move all of the tennis balls out of the way until you find a basketball behind one of the tennis balls. Then tap on it.

Level 8: How many stars are in the picture above? Five stars, but you don’t have to write the game in order to continue.

Level 9: To find the smallest A letter, tap on the A in the question itself, as it is smaller than all of the ones below it.

Level 10: To find the orange, drag the clouds out of the way to reveal the sun. The sun will cause an orange to grow on the tree. Then tap the orange.

Level 11: How many matches are there? There’s 13, which in Roman numerals is XIII, so drag the bottom diagonal match over the middle diagonal match to create XIII in matches.

Level 12: To find all the mice, drag the sun off of the bottom right corner of the screen to make a bat appear. Then tap the bat and the mice.

Level 13: To help the ostrich fly away, drag the balloons over to the ostriches back and it will start floating upward.

Level 14: How many peas? There are two hidden behind the pod. That’s 12 total please.

Level 15: To find the cube, with a trapezoid on top of the square to turn it into a cube.

Level 16: How many daughters does Lisa’s mother have if Lisa’s sister has three sisters apart from Lisa? Five.

Level 17: To help Sam eat a slice of pizza, try to drag a slice off of the pizza with your finger until slice comes off, then give it to Sam.

Level 18: Who is in a red tee? Move the girl who is in a green tank top to reveal the girl in the red one.

Level 19: To reverse the grape bunch, move the bottom grape down to the top.

Level 20: Who will you invite to play Hot Brain? Tap on all four people on the screen at the same time with four fingers.

Level 21: To feed the mouse, turn the phone upside down and shake it to shake cheese out of the trashcan. Then give the cheese to the mouse and the mouse will eat it.

Level 22: Who is the biggest? In real life, the ostrich is the biggest, so tap the ostrich.

Level 23: To find the winning number, shake the phone and then watch what pops out of the glass bowl. Then tap it.

Level 24: Where is Johnny? Put the duck in front of the guy hiding behind the light pole to find him.

Level 25: To choose all of the same candies, move the girl out of the way to find the third candy behind her. Then tap on all three of the identical candies.

Level 26: To throw away all of the unnecessary stuff, throw everything away, including the dollar in the question.

Level 27: A is four, B is six, and O is 10. The answer is 20. Tap on all four of the answers at the same time with forefingers.

Level 28: To help take off the sneaker, grab the leg with one finger in the sneaker with the other, and pull in opposite directions.

Level 29: To pick the items except for the dove in descending order of speed, pick the lightbulb, the jet, the tennis ball, the runner, and the turtle.

Level 30: Where is the mouse? Just tap on the mouse. No tricks in this one.

Level 31: How many times do you need to fold a square to get a square 16 times smaller, 4 times.

Level 32: To help the snake up, drag its head upwards as far as you can.

Level 33: To feed Bob, shake the phone to make the fried egg fly at him and feed him.

Level 34: To put the dove on the dove, drag the question down and put it on top of the dove.

Level 35: What year was the king born? Zoom in on the coin on his collar to find out.

Level 36: To blow out the candle, put your finger over the flame for awhile and it will go out.

Level 37: How many balls are in the box? Tap the box over and over to break it and then count the balls to fall out.

Level 38: What is the next letter? The pattern is the alphabet ascending and descending, skipping one each time, so the next one is T.

Level 39: Which food is better for the musketeer? Top of the boot on his foot isn’t broken.

Level 40: How do you make an omelette? Shake the phone to crack the egg.

Level 41: which color is better for drawing the grass? Tap on the blue and yellow at the same time to make green.

Level 42: To help Emma solve the problem faster, rub her head. A head massage helps to solve the problem faster.

Level 43: To ride everyone, tap to launch everyone at the spinning saddle wheel and make sure that nobody touches anybody else.

Level 44: To deal with the pimple, ignore the items and rub it with your finger over and over until it pops.

Level 45: To count how many diamonds, count the diamonds on his ring finger, then swipe down on his hand to reveal the rest of the diamonds, and count all of them.

Level 46: Do you see a pear? Look in the bottom left corner of this picture. Use the checkmark as a guide to where to find it:

Level 47: To feed everyone, zoom in on the carrot to increase its size so that it becomes big enough to feed all of the rabbits.

Level 48: How many differences? Despite it looking like there are a ton, there is only 1 difference, and that is what type of cat is in each picture.

Level 49: To roll the dice and get 9, keep shaking the phone to reroll the dice until you get 9.

Level 50: How many coins did you win? 0, because the machine isn’t real, it’s just a picture.

Level 51: To answer the problem, the square root of 100,000,000 – 1 = 9999.

Level 52: Where is the candy? Rub the splatter until the candy appears, then when the splatter is gone, tap on the candy.

Level 53: To help Bob get to the finish line, ignore all of the icons, and drag the checkered flag over to Bob.

Level 54: Who will win? Tap on both of the fighters at the same time and drag them towards each other.

Level 55: To solve a problem, cancel out of all of the B’s. 9+37-11-25=10.

Level 56: Where is Tarzan? Scroll the screen to the right and you will see Tarzan off of the left side of the screen.

Level 57: How many plates? Drag the cover off of the stack and then count the number of plates underneath.

Level 58: Who stole the kettle? Tap on the Ballet Folklorico dancer’s skirt to make the kettle fall out of it.

Level 59: To catch the fish, drag the fish down with one finger, then drag the hook to the fish with the other finger to catch it.

Level 60: Where is the coin? Shake all of the piggy banks with your finger (not by shaking the phone) until the coin comes flying out of one of them.

Level 61: To give a high five, close four of the holes with four of your fingers at the same time, and then tap the hand.

Level 62: What number chair is she sitting on? To figure it out, drag her off of the chair with your finger.

Level 63: To catch the fly, put the cup over the fly, then put the phone screen-side down.

Level 64: How many cats are there? Simply count all of them, but one of them is a fake cat, so there are only 24 and not 25.

Level 65: Where is the mouse? Zoom out on the cheese to find the mouse.

Level 66: To type the number on the keyboard, either memorize it or screen capture the screen so that you can refer back to the capture. The number changes every time you play the level.

Level 67: To launch the rocket, tap both of the red buttons at the same time and the rocket will take off.

Level 68: Lily’s mom has four daughters. They are Meghan, Emma, and Liza. What’s the fourth name? Lily (read the question carefully, it’s in the question)

Level 69: How any trains are there? Move the trains out of the way to find more trains hidden behind them so that you can count them all.

Level 70: Who is the smartest? Move the people to find the cell phone behind one of them, because the phone contains all of the answers.

Level 71: To put out the fire, give the water to the kid, then tap the kid’s belly and he will pee on the fire to put it out.

Level 72: To fix the quadcopter, grab it with a finger and turn it around 180 degrees, so that the propeller that’s broken is on top of the bottom quadcopter’s unbroken propeller.

Level 73: Where is the mistake? Turn the phone so that the sun is on top (in the sky) and the tanning woman is at the bottom.

Level 74: To put Lisa to sleep, cover her with the blanket, then use your finger to hide the lightbulb.

Level 75: To move two matchsticks to make the equation true, change 9+1=7 to 3+1=4.

Level 76: What maximum number of pieces can a brick be cut into 8 times? 0, it would be powder by then.

Level 77: To solve 99-99×0+99/99, use PEMDAS. 99/99=1, 99×0=0, 99-0+1=100.

Level 78: To click on the moon and then on the cheese, move the chef’s hat and click the moon twice.

Level 79: To click on the square, look at the lower right corner for a very light gray square, then when you find it, click it.

Level 80: How do you get to the next level? Aim the gun at the “skip level” button and hit the fire button.

Level 81: How do you start the car? Tap the car plug and the charger plug at the same time with two fingers.

Level 82: How do you get to 13? Move the middle underscore to make it a minus, then type 72-59.

Level 83: to move the train across, move the question down in between the platforms, then hit start.

Level 84: Which one will you choose? Tap all three of them at the same time.

Level 85: To make a couple for everyone, drag the top right girl to the bottom left guy and the bottom right guy up to the top left girl.

Level 86: To “ride everyone”, tap really fast to launch people close together, but tap with ONE finger so that you don’t accidentally mis-tap and put two people together.

Level 87: Can a duck fly? Cover the left and right fountains with your fingers to shoot the duck in the air with the central fountain.

Level 88: To make the cat happy, ignore the food, the yarn ball, and toy toy mouse, and rub the cat with your finger.

Level 89: Where is the money? Hold the basket with a finger and then flip the phone over to make the money fall out.

Level 90: How many flies are there? Just one, but it is a really fast fly.

Level 91: To do the problem, horses are worth 6, pigs are worth 4, and candles are worth 3. 6×4+3=27.

Level 92: Where is the second cockroach? Long press the first cockroach until the copy button appears, then press the copy button to make a second one.

Level 93: How many meters to the finish line? 16 meters; just run backwards.

Level 94: How many rectangles are there? Count all of the large and small rectangles plus squares and including rectangles with other rectangles inside of them. There are 41 total.

Level 95: To catch the robber, tap on the window multiple times. A SWAT team member will break in through the window and catch him.

Level 96: To draw a graffiti, pick up the spray paint can and shake it, then put it down and tap the nozzle on top to spray it.

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Level 97: To hit the red drum 4 times and the blue drum 6 times, do as the directions say, but after 3 blue drum taps, stop tapping. The drum will turn red. 5 seconds later it will turn blue again, so do the rest of your taps.

Level 98: Cockroach racing, you bet on 2! So to make sure that 2 wins, use two fingers to hold 1 and 3 in place, then tap Go over and over to move 2 to the finish line.

Level 99: To stop the drum when it hits 10, start it with the start button, then grab the wheel with one finger and move it until the arrow is pointing at the 10.

Level 100: To find the answer, look carefully at the question and figure out which are O’s and which are 0’s. 0+0=0.

Level 101: To make a triangle, drag a star all the way off the right side of the screen to turn one of its tips into a triangle.

Level 102: To get to the finish line, hold one of the directional buttons while you hit start, and direct the turtle around the maze instead of through it so you get an easy route.

Level 103: Press 11 times on button A and 2 times on button B, but ignore A’s counter, because it’s inaccurate. Count the presses yourself.

Level 104: To get 11 bucks in 3 banknotes, you can tap one banknote multiple times if you need to. So tap 3, 3 again, and 5.


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