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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020: The Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 is a new baseball game for the iOS and Android platforms that continues where Glu Games left off last year with the 2019 version, and allows you to fill that baseball hole left by the current empty season.

You play against other players and against the computer, trying to score the most runs and give up the least runs in a 9-inning span with other players. You will battle it out for cash, gold, and experience points.

You can pick your favorite team, build a team of players with trades and free agency, and complete for the highest-ranking team in the entire game.

Read on for some tips and tricks for MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020!

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No matter how good the players on your team are, you’ll lose every time without learning how to time pitches and watch for your pitch. Watch them and learn their patterns to figure out what pitches will be strikes and what will be balls.

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You will usually be able to tell as soon as the ball leaves the hand of the pitcher. Stay away from curveballs, even when they are strikes, because they will be extremely difficult to do anything meaningful with.

The exception to this is when a pitcher starts to tire out. At that point, even curveballs will be easy to hit, as long as the timing is right.

The more pitches a pitcher throws, the more tired they get. So take advantage of this mechanic by trying to force the opposing pitcher to throw as many pitches as possible. Take a ball in order to get a strike. Take a strike in order to get a BETTER strike.

Or just take a bunch of pitches to intentionally drive up the pitch count. When a pitcher gets tired, your hits will start landing, their pitches will be slower and straighter, and you can score a high number of runs.

By the same token, change your pitcher IMMEDIATELY when the game tells you that they are tired out, even if their rating is better than that of the potential relievers.

They’ll go from tired to exhausted extremely quickly and a massive inning for your opponent becomes a very good possibility once they get tired out. It’s far better to have a fresh reliever than a tired starter.

Use your cash and experience to continuously improve your team, starting with your hitters. When you upgrade them, their overall score will increase. Upgrading rare hitters will make them even more powerful, and upgrading common hitters can have them competing even with rare hitters.

Improve your pitching stats to stifle the other players with faster and more accurate fastballs, and curveballs that break harder. The rule is the same here; rare pitchers will get even stronger, and common pitchers can eventually match even rare pitchers.

If you run out to a huge lead, then switch to auto-playing innings just to get the game over with. If you lose that lead, though, switch back to playing manually so that you can score a ton of runs.

If you are in a tie game or behind by one, take the extra bass even when it’s risky to do so. The exception to this is when you have bases loaded or two base runners in less than two outs because then you have a good chance of getting ahead without potentially sacrificing an out.

If you are off to a big lead, don’t take the extra base most of the time, especially if the chance of taking it is fair or poor, especially if you are trying to really pad that lead.


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Warren Hengst

Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Game is not fun. Every time you score the other team scores at least three runs. I can never win