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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is a cross between a shooter, a mobile, RPG, and a waifu game for the iOS and Android platforms. This unique hybrid will have you collecting all sorts of NIKKE, which are warrior robots that look like humans and carry big and powerful weapons, from shotguns to rifles, to bazookas to sniper rifles, and more. You can earn diamonds, credits, and other forms of currency as you unlock more NIKKEs and upgrade them to their full potential.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE!

The tutorial takes a long time to complete, but after you finally finish it, you will be able to start summoning new NIKKE. While it might be tempting to put the rarest ones possible all in one single battle party, there are some that have a strong affinity to others that can cause the sum of their power to be greater than their power itself. Use auto build, in order to build the most optimal deck that takes these into consideration.

You can manually control any battle that you want, but routine battles can also be switched to auto shooting and auto burst; having them on this mode makes the game go by much faster. Just be sure to stay in practice, because when a boss battle occurs, you are required to play it in manual mode.

In addition to the boss battles, there are also EX battles, which pop up at the very beginning of campaigns when you beat the first level of a campaign. EX battles may seem impossible, and that’s because they are designed to be that way. You are going to need an extreme amount of upgrades, power ups, equipment, limit breaks, and more in order to have even half a shot at beating an EX battle.

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There are many ways in which you can upgrade your NIKKE fighters. Leveling them up is the most basic way, and you should be striving to get them to the highest level possible. You can also do a limit break, which not only increases their base stats, but their maximum level, if you have a duplicate of the same NIKKE.

Whenever you find equipment, you will be able to give it to one of your NIKKE in order to boost their statistics; equipment comes in various levels and rarities, so give your best equipment to your rarest NIKKE. Overall, though, for the best chance at beating tough battles, make sure that as many NIKKE in your battle party as possible, contain the full load of equipment.

Be sure to summon new NIKKE as often as possible for the best chance at maximizing your party. Even if you already have almost a full load of SSR heroes, there is a good chance that you might find ones that are even more rare, or ones that have a better affinity with the rest of the heroes in your party.

Don’t just play the campaign mode; as you progress through the game, new game modes will unlock and give you new ways to participate in PVP and PVP battle; play in all of these modes, and be sure to participate in any special events that happen as well, for the best chance at earning maximum rewards. Maximize your rewards in every game mode and even if you are a free player, you will be able to get extremely far.