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Big Win Baseball for iPhone: How to win the daily pennants

In Big Win Baseball, the daily pennant is the tournament where you and a randomly selected group of players who are a similar experience level to you duke it out for the top score. The way to win the tournament is simple – to get the most wins. However, sometimes it can become difficult to eke out wins against  other players, so read on for some strategies on how to take the daily pennant every time!

Early on in the game, when you are at level 1 through 3, you should put your focus on racking up some silver card packs to add players to your deck. Each of these requires 1,000 coins to purchase, so you’ll need to rack up the coins to purchase them. Two good ways to rack up coins without getting your experience level too high are: One, to go for the free coin videos. To get there, tap on the “Get free coins” button next to the coin counter, and you’ll be able to watch a whole wealth of them. They might run out eventually, but you will be able to get even more of them just by checking back a few minutes later.

Another good way to do so is to go to the quick play mode and intentionally lose matches by playing without any booster cards. You won’t get too many fans but you will get 50 coins per win (plus bonuses for every run you score) so you can rack up coins without gaining levels too quickly this way. Plus, you can always sell your big bucks for 300 coins apiece

Once you have a silver pack or two under your belt, you should have a nice mix of extra silver players in your active team roster. Now go and play, use your big impact cards wisely, and start winning.

As your levels start to increase, you’ll need more than just silver players in order to win. Start putting the Big Bucks that you earn from gaining levels and from placing in daily cups toward buying some gold packs. Get gold players, gold stat boosters, and gold big impact cards, and you will be almost unstoppable for many, many more levels. If you want even more gold cards, complete offers for Big Bucks, and buy more gold packs. More and more gold cards should last you a long, long time in the tournaments.