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Big Win Baseball iPhone game guide, part 2: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks guide to Big Win Baseball for the iPhone. Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

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If you need a little bit of extra money immediately, go sell all of those uniform cards that you don’t need. Uniform cards are actually worth more money than many of the other cards you get in the game, such as bronze and silver big impact cards, and selling all of the ones you don’t use can earn you quite a chunk of change, depending on how many of them you have.

If you want to earn free big bucks, but you don’t want to fill out any offers, you can always link your game to Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t want to bug anybody, then after you link it up, immediately go to the app settings on both social networks and set it to where only you can see the activity, and/or to where all tweets will be private.

Right from the very outset, watch as many videos as you can to rack up the coins, and use your coins to load up on silver packs. Try to get as many silver players as possible out of your silver card packs, and then once your rating is increased to at least 45, it should be fairly easy to win almost every single game you play without having to use many (or any) big impact cards except for the no-injury cards.

Save your stat booster cards until you have better players than just bronze players. If you use them on your bronze players and then replace them with silver or gold players later on, you have no way of getting that wasted card back.

If your game keeps shutting itself down every time you try to play (sometimes it errors out like this), go back to your phone’s menu, and then double tap the menu button. You’ll still see the game in the “active apps” bar, so close the app out of that bar, and then try to reopen the game and play again. The game should quit shutting down after that. Sometimes, this can also speed up the pace at which the game and the videos load.