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Disney’s Gnome Town iPhone, iPad and Android game guide: tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Disney’s Gnome Town is a hand held city builder and exploration game for the iPhone, iPad and Android that lets you play as a gnome who is working for the Gnome King to try and take back his kingdom. Your goal in the game is to clear out all of the debris, slice away at the thorny unknown with your machete, find those who have been kidnapped by the Evil Gnome and then rescue them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gnome Town!

If you run out of food, but you are sick of waiting for buildings that take forever to finish being built or polished or hammered, then do the following. First, clear out every piece of debris that you find in your area. Then, plant every single square inch of area that you can with carrots, and water them. You’ll get food rapidly this way. It will be tedious work, but you’ll actually get food fairly quickly this way.

If you’re going to be away from the game for awhile, however, plant some corn (one piece of corn for every free helper you have, and then 8 hours later, come back and harvest your corn for 304 food apiece as well as an absolutely massive quantity of coins and experience points.

For achievements that you have to speed up your characters with food to complete, but you’re low on food and you don’t want to run out, either buy carrots or clear debris, wait until you have less than 15 seconds to go, then tap the character who is doing the job and speed them up. After you pass 15 seconds, it will only cost 1 food to finish the job instantly.

If you run out of room to place things or your area is too cluttered, use the “edit” tool and put away every single decoration that you don’t need or can’t collect from, and use the extra space for everything that you really do need.