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ENYO – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

ENYO is a new turn-based game about pushing your enemies into a hot lava. You have all kinds of weapons and equipment but none of them can defeat the enemy by themselves; they are instead used to send your enemy into the lava and to their death however you possibly can. Read on for some tips and tricks for ENYO!

There is no timer to anything that you do in this game, so take all the time that you need in order to think about your next move. There is also no limit to the amount of moves that you can make. It’s far better to take longer to play and win than it is for you to try and rush it and lose.

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You have to buy the full game if you want to do the daily challenges. However, you can do the expert mode without buying anything. Tap the expert mode button and you will be able to unlock it by watching an advertisement video. Once you watch it, the game will begin. If you lose and you want to try your hand on expert mode again, you’ll have to watch the video again.

If you are somewhat close to an enemy, take advantage of the stun leap to prepare them to be knocked into the lava. Jump next to an enemy and they will be stunned for one turn. Once you knock them into the lava, move around a few times until the stun leap recharges, and get yourself into a good position to use it to the same effect again.

The hook is one of the easiest ways to send an enemy into the drink, because when you are far away, you can catch an enemy making careless moves, send the hook flying all the way across the screen, and latch onto them, sending them straight down to their death. Stay back, know the square that you want to move your enemy to, then move back and forth, waiting until they get into just the right area for you to tank them.

Smart use of the shield bash can allow you to make quick work of an enemy without moving, and thus without potentially putting yourself in harm’s way. Before you do anything else, though, when you throw your shield, use your hook to pick it back up so that you have it to use for future throws and shield bashes.