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Battle Beach Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Battle Beach is a new strategy war game for the iOS and Android platforms. In Battle Beach your goal is to collect diamonds and lava, train troops, defend your beach from the attacks of the evil Commodore and his minions, and make your way down the chain of islands, defeating him as you go, until you reach his final base! You can also stage multiplayer attacks against others from Game Center. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battle Beach!

Early on, it seems like you have to spend Quicksilver at every turn just to get the upgrades and the troop training to stop being so slow. However, resist the temptation, as you will need them later on for upgrading the barracks or building the academy, so that you can have more powerful troops to send into battle.

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When you are battling, don’t send in all of your troops at once, if you can help it. Send in just enough troops to take out a gun tower or two, and then send in as much as you need in order to destroy the resource buildings. If you are in the stages where mines start to appear, send one or two troops around to destroy the mines before you send the rest in. Also, any troop that you send into battle doesn’t return to your island, so save as many troops as you can.

You can use strategy later on in the game as well, as you unlock new troops. For example, once you get the destructive dogs, send the grunts in first to take care of the guns, then send in the dogs to rapidly collect the resources. Or send the dogs to the side of the enemy lair where there are no guns. If there are walls, the dogs will chew right through them. And once you get the tanks, send those in first to take care of the guns, then send in the dogs.

Upgrade your lava collectors higher than your diamond mines, because so much lava is used when you are training new troops and because you have to train new troops so frequently. However, keep them both upgraded maximally.

If you don’t have enough maximum lava or diamonds to be able to upgrade or build a new, more advanced building, then start upgrading your diamond vault and your lava storages to increase your maximum diamond capacity. Upgrade your headquarters in order to be able to hide more diamonds and lava away from attacking players.