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Pirate’s Creed – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Pirate’s Creed is a new mobile RPG for the iOS devices by Black Pearl Studios, and is likely coming soon to Android as well. This game puts you in control of a band of pirates, sailing the seven seas and mixing it up against enemy ships, while upgrading various components so that you can power up your ships, grow your fleet and dominate the seven seas. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pirate’s Creed!

Battles will start off easy, but it will not take long before they start to get a whole lot tougher, especially when you are facing off against the boss of a particular stage. Each battle that you fight will cause your ships to gain experience points, so there are plenty of sources for easy battles if you need to get a bit stronger. Head back on the current stage, go to a level that you’ve already beaten and starred, or hit the world map.

The world map is where you can challenge other players that you find wandering around. Before you challenge them though, you will be able to see their power levels, and compare them to your own power levels. Unless you have a special attack that can serve as a massive trump card, such as a healing move or a smartbomb-style splash attack that does huge damage, avoid players whose power levels are higher than yours and stick to players at a lower level or around equal.

Not only can you load up on pirates and assign them to various positions, you can also upgrade various components of your ship, such as the hull or the cabin. Each successive upgrade requires a specific amount of upgrade points, which are earned by gaining player levels. Also earned with player levels is the ability to put more ships in your active fleet at the same time, so grind for player levels to make this happen.

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Gems are the premium currency of the game. If you don’t have the money or want to spend the money for them, though, then complete quests for gems and you’ll eventually add up enough to get gem chests. Even if you don’t, then you can wait 22 hours for a free gem chest or open five free gold chests per day. Turn on notifications within the game and you will get a buzz whenever your free chest is ready to grab.

Organize your formation based on the stats of your ships. Your tanks (high defense ships) should generally be in the front rows (which are the far right rows). The middle rows should contain the more well-balanced of the group, while the back rows should contain the ships that are weak defensively, but might be strong in other areas or have healing skills. The tanks will absorb the brunt of most of the damage, while the weaker ships will generally take the least damage.