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Age of Warring Empire: Defense Guide – How to successfully defend your city

In Age of Warring Empire, defending your city is just as important as attacking other players’ cities. If you get attacked and your city is not adequately defended, you will end up losing resources, having your troops killed, and having your progress set back far more than it would be otherwise. If you can successfully put up a good defense, though, others players might just decide that they don’t want to attack you. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to successfully defend against attackers in Age of Warring Empire!

First thing’s first, and the first thing that you should do is, just like anything else, to train up as many troops as you can. 90% of every battle is a numbers game, ergo the more troops that you train, the more success that you’ll have, whether as the attacker or as the defender. Once your troops are trained up, you need to station them on the City Wall in order to use them as your defenses. Pick as many heroes as the game will let you and put as many troops as you want under them. The more heroes and troops, the better your chances of success.

You can’t use your troops and heroes to attack when they are stationed on the city wall, so when you are playing the game, pull them all off of your wall. When you get mail notifying you that you are being attacked, put them back on the city wall to defend. Or, since an enemy has likely done the same thing, attack them immediately when they start marching towards you, using a rapid march if you really want an advantage, so that you can decimate them and take back any lost resources immediately.

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In addition, there are wall specific troops that you can train under the “fortifications” area. Each iron caltrop that you train will stop an infantryman. Spiking obstacles stop cavalry. Traps stop archers, and rolling logs stop the catapults. Train as many as you can for maximum defense, and upgrade your wall to add extra defense bonuses.

Level up your heroes by participating in the tower as often as possible. You can switch out heroes between layers if you want to level more than 4 of them up evenly. Their attack and defense can often make a huge difference between winning and losing against any attacker.

Save your resources from getting stolen by waiting to collect them from your resource buildings until you need them. If you don’t collect them, they will just sit in the floating bubbles above the buildings, waiting to be tapped, and unable to be stolen.