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Clash of Queens – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Clash of Queens is the latest massively multiplayer online strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms by ELEX Wireless, who is more famous for Clash of Kings and Age of Warring Empire. Your goal in this game is to start a kingdom, raise a dragon, become the empress and battle it out against monsters and against other players for dominance of your world. So basically, you’re Danaerys Targaryen. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clash of Queens!

One surprisingly large difference between this and other MMORTS games is that the gathering of resources is streamlined in this game. In others, you have to spend a lot of time upgrading your farms and other resource implements. In this game, your hourly resources are upgraded through researching new technologies at the college.

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The quickest way to upgrade your kingdom at high speed is to follow the quests that constantly pop up along the bottom menu. When you can finish one for free, do so and then move onto the next piece of the quest. Once you hit the point where everything takes longer than five minutes at a time to construct, you won’t be able to do the free five-minute speed-ups right away, but you will be able to do the free finish when their timers hit five minutes or less anyways.

Battling is primarily a numbers game, so be sure to train as many troops as possible and to keep your stable, your barracks and your range loaded with training troops at all times. Be sure to scout before attacking another player or encampment so that you can see how much manpower you’ll need. Don’t forget to take your dragon into account, as well. The more you use it, the quicker it will gain experience.

Join an alliance as soon as you can. When you do, you will get a free alliance speed-up so that you can move your kingdom closer to your alliance. This will give you safety in numbers so that when someone attacks a member of your alliance, including you, they will get attacked back far, far harder by multiple different people at once.

Even if you are having trouble with attacking other players and being victorious, you can still attack stationary monsters on the map area and load up on resources and experience points. Do so while keeping a constant flow of research and training so that you can reliably defeat tougher and tougher players.