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FIE Swordplay – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

FIE Swordplay is a new fencing game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a brand new fencer representing your country against other swordsmen and swordswomen in local and national tournaments, and your goal is to become the best fencer in the world. You can even compete against other players for credits, gold, and prizes. Read on for some tips and tricks for FIE Swordplay!

Many of the matches can be won by one of about three different styles. One is simply to button-mash the short hit button. With more aggressive players, parry the hit and then counter-hit right as you block their hit on you. With more passive players, you can either use a lunge attack, or move in and lunge. If they are just slightly more aggressive, then you can take a step back, let them come towards you, and then lunge after them.

There were many different types of fencing styles that can be unlocked as you gain levels. Wait until you hit level 6 and you will unlock the Repertoire, which is where you can pick from different styles. The main differences are in the speed and length of the attacks, but make sure to swap styles as needed in order to make a good matchup against different types of styles.

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At almost all times, except during the city final, multiple types of styles will be available to play on the map screen. Play every style to learn what you like best, and then play the ones that you prefer. For example, I hate the turn-based ones but I love the no-rounds battles or the timed battles. Therefore I avoid all of the turn-based battles.

You can hold up to six energy at a time for the single player mode, and another six energy at a time for PvP. Use one whenever you run out of the other. Energy takes up to 10 minutes per lost energy point to return, or you can pay gold in order to get it back immediately.

If you score a flawless victory, you will earn bonus credits, which might not seem like a lot per battle, but will add up over time. Credits can be used for purchasing new swords, masks and armor, each of which improves your statistics compared to the starting equipment that you begin the game with.