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Holy Shoot – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Holy Shoot is a new one-touch soccer game for the iOS and Android. Your one tap allows you to jump, to kick and to shoot, but a misplaced tap will also cause you to fall over and leave your goal undefended. You can play one-player, two-players on the same device, and even compete for prizes in tournaments. Read on for some tips and tricks for Holy Shoot!

The default setting is that one button controls both of your players, but you’ll notice that the opposing team’s players move separately when you play in the one player mode. If you want to control each player separately, go to the options menu and change the setting from one button to two button.

The game ends when one team scores five goals. The easiest way to win is to just stand there and do absolutely nothing. Let the other team make all of the moves, let you characters block any attempt at kicking a goal just by standing there, and then eventually they will kick one into their own goal. The only time this doesn’t work very well is when the ball is an American football instead of a round ball.

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You can earn coins by watching videos or by completing free offers, and you also get coins as a reward for completing a game and winning. When you have enough coins, you can buy a new defender or a new goalie. 50 coins is the price for the cheapest one; some of them are more expensive, and while they don’t really change the gameplay at all, they do give the game a new appearance.

Challenge mode has larger odds, but if you beat it, you will end up with bigger rewards. Each challenge will have a special rule of engagement, such as using a rugby ball only, one on one, or time constraints. Each new win will award a new country but will cost coins just to enter.

Tournament mode has bigger rewards than other modes, but you have to pay coins just to enter the match, as well. The junior tournament is the cheapest one and the easiest, while the super tournament is the most expensive with the biggest prize, and also will be the most difficult tournament to beat.