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Raid Rush: Best Towers Tier List and Guide

Raid Rush is a new tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms where you defend your headquarters against wave after wave of enemies, with some extra twists that make it unique. You can build and lengthen your path, as well as change the shape of it, and choosing the positioning and layout of your gun towers, while earning coins and gems in the process. You can even speed up your game, as well as earn a number of premium bonuses, including rare, epic, legendary, and mythical towers.

There are a ton of different types of towers that you can unlock, and every single tower can be had in every single rarity imaginable. Some of these towers are far more effective than others and with so many different towers, you might be wondering which ones are the best and which ones are the worst.

Read on for a guide and tier list of the best towers in Raid Rush!


Tesla: this is the best tower in the game. It has a pretty decent amount of range, it does fairly heavy damage, and it has by far the best splash targeting of any tower, because it will electrocute literally everything in its range, with no limits whatsoever, making it an excellent tower to place inside of corners.


Garrison: this tower sends out soldiers to fight enemies. Besides the damage that the soldiers do, the main advantage is that it forces enemies to stop moving in order to fight them, which can cause enemy traffic jams, keep them within range of other towers so that they take far more damage (especially the Tesla), and especially force bosses to stop moving for a prolonged period of time, making them overpowered in boss fights. This one targets ground troops.

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Sniper: this fires from a very long distance and targets one single enemy with a completely ridiculous amount of damage, the most damage in the entire game. Extremely useful against bosses, moderately useful against hordes.

Ballista: fires a massive arrow across a straight line that targets multiple enemies with the second most damage of any weapon in the entire game. This is by far the most powerful area damage weapon in the game although it has a long cool down. This only targets air troops.

Drone Launcher: as the name says, this one lets out a series of drones that attack air enemies, forcing them to stop in their tracks and dealing damage to them. It’s essentially an aerial version of the garrison, and is extremely effective against aerial bosses because it stops them for an extended period of time. this is especially effective when there’s a Tesla right next to it.

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Fireworks: these take up literally no space, because you placed them on the road similar to spikes. On top of that, they do significant amounts of aerial splash damage to sky enemies.

Mine: takes up no space because it can be placed on the road, and does massive amounts of damage to any ground troop that walks over it.


Inferno: a flamethrower that doesn’t significant amount of continuous damage to anything in its path, and the damage continues even after enemies pass it, making it very effective to place toward the beginning of the path. Works against both air and ground troops.

Double Cannon: literally the exact same thing as the basic cannon, except with double the firing rate, because it’s a double cannon. Extremely useful with extremely high damage against ground troops.

Mortar: this tower deals large amounts of damage to huge groups of enemies with the best range in the game. It’s main weakness is that it cannot target enemies that are close to it, but you can also place the mortar one space away from the road, rather than on the road, which saves a space for another tower to place next to it. This targets ground troops.

Laser: does massive amount of damage to one single enemy at a time, similar to the Tesla but only targeting one enemy, and the damage increases gradually, making this massively effective against bosses. Only works against air troops.

Boomerang: does large amount of damage to aerial enemies in a straight line. Not only does it do significant damage, but it hits twice per shot, and has a fairly frequent firing rate, making this one of the best splash attackers on air enemies.


Cannon: the cannon fires single shots which do a very large amount of damage to a single enemy. Against the regular masses, they are not very useful, but against the bosses, they are massively useful. These are best one placed as close to your headquarters as possible. this targets ground troops.

Frost Gun: Similar to the cannon, but less damage and it has a slowdown effect. Also only works against ground troops.

Sky Guard: this one shoots down flying troops with single shots that do large amounts of damage. This only works on flying enemies, not on ground enemies.

Supporter: this does not launch any of its own attacks; rather, it gives significant boosts to the adjacent towers. Use it in a location where you can have it touching as many other towers as possible.

Bowling: does significant amounts of damage to ground enemies in a straight line. The major downside here is a very long cooldown time.

Vulcan: a machine gun that targets one enemy at a time, but fires rounds very quickly, for moderate usefulness against hordes and significant usefulness against bosses. The damage upgrades that you get in the middle of also tend to be disproportionately strong.

Spike: it doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it does damage to everybody that walks over it. Plus, it doesn’t take up any space that would be used by anything else, so it’s always good to throw some spikes down on the road.

Tornado: does a moderate amount of damage and has a long cooling down time. This targets both air and ground troops, and goes all the way up the road hitting anybody in its path.


Wind Blower: this one is almost completely useless. It blows flying enemies back, but it does absolutely zero damage, doesn’t blow them back far enough to be worth it, and is less useful than just the stopping quality of the drones alone.

Disco Ball: slows down enemies, but does absolutely no damage. Other towers slow enemies down and actually do damage, so this isn’t very useful.