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Titan War: Best Heroes, Hero Tier List, and Best Team Lineup Guide

Titan War is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that also contains puzzle games where you have to protect a little cartoon dog from bees. you can load up on diamonds, summoning scrolls, heroes and hero pieces, and a whole lot more as you make your way through both of the completely distinct game modes, both the mobile RPG mode, and drawing to save animals.

There are loads of different heroes in this game, and one of the top questions on the minds of players, especially as they get into tougher portions of the game, is who are the best heroes, and what is the best team? We have all of the answers to that for Titan War!

This game contains an absolutely massive amount of heroes, meaning that there are literally millions of different combinations of lineups that you can use for your battle party. As such, the question of who is the highest tier or strongest hero can become a little bit complicated. there are still many clear indicators, though, for how to build the best party possible.

To start, everybody in the party should be at least S+. It takes a while to get heroes of this rarity. These are far less common than S tier heroes, and they mostly come up through special events and major event awards and other rewards within the game, although you can occasionally get them from excellent scrolls, and very rarely get them from common scrolls.

Beyond that, check out what type and what class of hero you have. Nature heroes are strong against lost heroes, which are strong against techno heroes, which are strong against nature heroes, so you have a bit of rock paper scissors play going on. Keep a good mix of all three of these types in your party, unless you are fighting a tough boss battle against the boss that is known to be only one of these types.

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Your heroes also fall under a different range of battle types, from control, to tank, to healer, to ranger, mage, and more. Healers and tanks are extremely important to have in your party; you should have one of each. Beyond that, spread out the different attack types, unless you need to focus on one or two specific attack types in order to Effectively hone in on a certain type of enemy.

New heroes are constantly being added to the game, and higher and higher rarities are being added as well, complicating the team situation. As you unlock newer and rarer heroes, you’re going to need to modify your team, but you can reset heroes and take away all of their equipment in order to more easily power up new heroes.

Every single character has multiple recommendations of which team you should put with them that are built into the game itself. Go to the profile menu of a specific hero, then click on the icon in the central right part of the screen that looks like a piece of paper, and a minimum of three different team suggestions will pop up. These can be used well for guidance on building a team.