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Alien Star Menace: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Alien Star Menace is a new iOS and Android tactical RPG. This one is quite a bit different than many free games in that not only is it actually FREE (as in, not one single in-app purchase to be found), but the throwback gameplay, which is Shining Force lite, is unlike almost anything else on the market right now. Read on for some tips and tricks for Alien Star Menace!

While it might be tempting to charge into battle, swords and guns ablaze, move slowly so that you can keep all of your troops together. Keeping troops together is paramount to getting an easy victory; otherwie, individual troops may be surrounded by enemy troops, and when this happens they can end up killing your troops fairly easily. So prevent that by blocking your troops together as much as possible.

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Of course, if you simply stay put and don’t move anywhere, then usually the enemy characters will stay put as well. Then both of you will simply end up at an impasse until one of you moves. If even one of your troops moves, though, then generally the AI will start moving the computer-controlled enemy troops. In cases when there are troops on multiple sides of you, take care of one side at a time before working on the others.

When figuring out who the cornerstone of your attacks should be, use a rock paper scissors kind of format. Heavy attackers should be up front, while ranged troops should be behind them. Speed troops, such as the Ninja, typically have low attack and low health, and thus their usefulness is dubious most of the time. However, they are your fastest troop when it comes to quick-attacking ranged troops. Use ranged troops to bomb enemy heavy troops quickly.

You can earn up to three relics per stage. Can’t earn more than one or two? Then go back to the stage later, after you unlock more troops. You unlock more and more troops as you complete more and more stages, and once you unlock new troops, you can use them in any level, including levels you first played when you had not unlocked that troop yet.

However, if you want to unlock as many troops as possible as quickly as possible, then forget getting all three relics on each stage, and focus on beating the newest stage, then moving onto the next one. With each stage that you unlock, you end up unlocking a new troop.