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Star Sequel Tips and Tricks Guide: HInts, cheats and strategies

Star Sequel is a new strategy war game for iOS that fans of games such as Clash of Clans and War Commander will enjoy. Star Sequel (which gets that name despite not being the sequel to any currently existing game) puts you in the shoes of a space commander with a small army to give orders to. You have four different resources to collect, and you must protect them from invading enemy attackers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Sequel!

Learn to conserve your resources early on in Star Sequel by using a few simple tricks. You earn cards from the gift box in the top corner of the screen every hour or so, and other bonuses fairly often. However, don’t use the iron, crystal, thin oil or power cards until you need the resources immediately, such as to build or upgrade something or to train new soldiers.

When you’re sending your troops in to do battle early on in the game, send them in closest to where the G-Guns and Cannons are, so that they can destroy them quickly. This will ensure that the maximum number of your troops come out alive. Later on, when atomic mines become an even bigger factor than the guns, start sending random Ascetics in, one at a time, into different regions of the battle field to test if there are mines there. They’ll blow up the mines if there are, and once the mines are blown up, start sending the full brunt of your forces in.

Position your buildings strategically so that you can maximize your defensive efficiency. Crowd your buildings as tightly together as possible in the center of the stage. Then, completely surround your mass of buildings with G-Guns, Cannons and even more powerful towers, as well as atomic mines, to make them much easier to defend.

In later combat levels, to get rid of the guns the quickest, send in the various “hides” such as the Ironhide, Steelhide and the Copperhide to make short work of the guns. Unlock them as quickly as possible if you have not already. Once the ‘hides have done their jobs, send in the rest of your crew.