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Mushroom Wars Mini: Guide, Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Mushroom Wars Mini is the first iPhone appearance of the classic Playstation Network and iPad strategy game. Mushroom Wars Mini is a game that is deceptively simple, yet can be very very tough to play. Your goal is to move your mushrooms from your houses to the enemy houses and to either take over all of the houses on the screen, or to take over all of the key houses (the ones with the stars on them). Depending on what stage of the game you’re in, there is a number of strategic routes you can take in Mushroom Wars mini, so read on for an overview!

For the stages which only have normal houses, the strategy is fairly simple. Flood one enemy house at a time with your soldiers. Then, as soon as the blue arrow appears, level up your houses (but do it as quickly as possible so that you sacrifice less of your soldiers).

Flood the new house with a large amount of soldiers, send them out to take over the rest of the houses, and use the rest of your houses to send soldiers to houses of yours which are under heavy attack.

Stages with towers are very dangerous, because even a neutral tower can shoot cannonballs at your soldiers, killing off a large number of them. Take over the towers first so that they stop shooting your soldiers, unless there are star houses in the stage. If that’s the case, then take over only the towers which stand in between you and the star houses.

Stages with no towers, but which contain star houses, are some of the easiest stages to win, because it doesn’t matter if you lose your other houses as long as you take the star houses. For these stages, your strategy is similar to the normal house stages, except that you should flood your star houses with soldiers, but then use your normal houses to take over the rest of the star houses. The people at your star houses will remain there to defend them.