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Mini DAYZ: Tips and Tricks Guide. Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Mini DAYZ is a new survival horror game for the iOS and Android platforms. This miniaturized version of the DAYZ concept puts you in a world with absolutely nothing except your hunger, thirst, and health, and your goal is to find items such as guns, food, bandages, and armor, survive the hordes of zombies that come after you, and rack up as high of a score as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mini DAYZ!

If you are going to survive encounters with the zombies, you’re going to have to fight smart. Typically, that means staying away from hand-to-hand combat, but if it’s unavoidable, then your best bet is to first, have a melee weapon. Then run through them to hit them, away so they can’t hit you, then through them, then away. You’ll avoid damage, but you’ll still get poisoned, so have an antidote if you do this.

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Otherwise, find a loaded gun and use it to fight the zombies. Generally, the best place to find guns is inside of larger buildings or on military bases. Sometimes you can get them from trunks of cars too. If you’re on a military base, guns will be plentiful, but be careful as they will also be far more crowded with zombies than civilian areas will generally be.

Food is easy to find, but water, not so much. You’re going to have to search houses randomly to find water; it almost never appears on military bases or large buildings. Look around houses for wells and water pumps, although you can often find cans of soda around, as well.

Crafting is a way to get equipment that you’re going to need later, such as a bow and arrow, or other goodies made with wood. Find an axe and you’ll be able to use it to chop away at trees in order to get wood-related materials. Just make sure that zombies don’t run up on you when you do.

If you need quick supplies instantly, then you can get them by tapping on the air drop button next to your profile picture. Do this and a video ad will play, as long as you have an internet connection. Once the video’s done, then you’ll get the reward. You can do this once per round, generally, so best to do it right at the beginning of the game, because the reward is completely random.