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Angry Birds Evolution – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Angry Birds Evolution is a new RPG in the longest running mobile franchise in existence by Rovio (who else?). You get all kinds of new bird characters here to use, but the classics are here too. Your goal is to go through the campaign, build a great team via level-ups, join up with clans and engage in PvP battles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angry Birds Evolution!

Leveling up your birds is the most basic way to upgrade them. For this, you want to focus on your rarest birds, the ones with the highest star count. One-star birds are nearly useless and should only be used as level-up fodder. Level up birds using the same-colored birds for an experience point boost.

If you are going to spend your gems on one thing, spend them on adding ten slots to your bird count. This won’t make much of a difference early on in the game, but later you’ll need to keep specialized single-color bird armies available so that you can use them against specific enemies. Doing this upgrade early on will enable you to make use of more birds before you need them, rather than having to grind after you get to that point.

When in battle, you can earn extra coins and do extra damage using certain techniques. When the pigs pop up on the side of the level, shoot a bird at them or use a special technique on them and you’ll be able to knock them off, even though they are not combatants. When you do, you’ll earn coins. Also, hit a big in the back to do double the damage to it. It’s tough to pull off, but it’s worth it to master the skill.

Any time that battles are easy enough that you don’t have to think much about them, use the auto-battle feature to get through them more quickly. Once auto-battle is on, the option to double the speed also comes up. You’ll use up your scouts quickly this way, but extra scouts are easy to come by. Just watch a video for another free scout.

Complete the quests ASAP to earn more coins. You’ll unlock more goodies, such as limited-time quests and clan quests, as you advance farther into the game, for even bigger and better rewards. You might even win some diamonds and hatch tickets this way, as well.

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