PlunderNauts: Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Tricks, Page 2

20: Set the time on your phone or tablet back to normal whenever you want to.
after you do the time lapse cheat, if you do not want the time on your device to be messed up, you can always go back to the date and time settings and set the time right back to normal. If you do this, your energy that you earned for free will still be there. This allows you to do the trick as many times as you want without screwing up the time on your device.

19: Check back at the store every time it regenerates.
A brand-new shipment will come into your store every half an hour. Always check the equipment, because you never know if a rare piece of equipment has shown up, and if you have gained a player level since the last time you checked, the new equipment that shows up will be equal to your experience level.

18: Complete bounties to earn antimatter quickly.
The bounties our class that you can complete, and that pretty much any time, there are loads of them sitting in the bounties menu. 90% of them will earn you antimatter, which is the premium currency of the game, when you fulfill them. Keep completing bounties to earn loads of antimatter.

17: Save your antimatter for the strongest spaceships in the store.
It might be tempting to buy a brand-new spaceship especially when you’re stuck on the stage, but don’t just buy the next step up. Instead, save your antimatter so that you can buy the best spaceships available. The more antimatter you save up, the better ships that you can buy.

16: Farm the loot box stages in order to earn massive amounts of gold and antimatter.
Go to any stage with loot boxes and gun turrets or other obstacles which can do damage to you indefinitely. Collect all but one of the loot boxes, and then let yourself be killed by whatever obstacle is on the stage. You will still keep all of the gold and antimatter that you earned while you were in the stage. Keep doing this over and over and over and over again to earn theoretically unlimited amounts of gold and antimatter.

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