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5: Even if you can’t equip something yet, keep it around for future use.
Often times when you beat a boss character, you will earn a piece of equipment that you cannot use it yet, because your player level isn’t high enough. Keep it around, so that you can equip it when you gain enough levels in order to do so, because usually these are the best pieces of equipment.

4: Beat the Galaxy bosses in order to find legendary equipment.
Your best shot at earning legendary equipment is beating the Galaxy boss. Get to the Galaxy bosses quickly as possible, beat them, and you will earn massive rewards in exchange. Usually, these include legendary equipment, which is the rarest equipment in the entire game.

3: Beat one of the regional bosses in order to earn rare equipment.
While regional bosses will not earn you the type of equipment the Galaxy boxes well, they will still earn you some pretty powerful good. Beat them in order to earn a rare equipment. If it’s not rare enough for you, put it in the Forge and you might get some even better equipment later on.

2: Wait to purchase a ship until you gain as many levels as possible.
Spaceships that are inside the store will automatically be the same level as your current player level. Because of this, wait until you really have to buy a new spaceship before you actually purchase one, so that you can get the most upgraded one that you can afford. This will save you massive amounts of gold in the long run.

1: Finish with the most hit points possible in order to earn a gold medal.
The type of medal that you earn on a stage depends on how many hit points you finish with. The closer you are to the maximum, the better metal you will earn. Skip some planets and then go back and beat them later with better equipment, because they will be far easier to earn gold medals on. Also, the more help that you finish the stage with, the better rewards you will earn for finishing that stage.

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