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Unison League: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Unison League is a new real time RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as one character, and your goal here is to join a guild, team up and fight against enemies large and small with your new teammates. This can be done using computer controlled fighters or fighters who are controlled by other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Unison League!

The first thing that you do in this game is start out with one specific class, such as warrior or archer. There are five different classes in all. Maybe you want to try out more than one of them though; if you do, then you can change your character’s class at any time. This allows you to equip new equipment as well, as most of the equipment is class specific. Switch to whatever class tends to have the best equipment.

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Of course, you are going to need to have the equipment points to actually equip the rare stuff that you spawn. This is gained mainly by gaining experience levels for your character. If you are stuck on a tough stage until then, find the easiest quests that you can complete (or the hardest quests that you are able to complete, alternatively) and complete them until your levels get high enough to equip the new goods and your stats are good enough to equip those rare weapons of yours.

You can augment or reforge your equipment in order to improve it. To augment your equipment, you can sacrifice old equipment to power up new equipment. The old equipment will disappear forever and the new equipment will gain levels and stats. To reforge it, you will need very specific materials, but you will also gain a much larger stat boost and change the graphics of the piece of equipment.

You will load up on friend points when you get voted as the MVP by another player. This happens when your character is the most powerful one in someone else’s party, and gets voted the MVP after the battle is over. Always keep on top of your equipment as it goes a long way towards powering up our character enough to earn the MVP. Earning friend points will also earn you more equipment spawns.

Be sure to handle not just your main equipment but your sub equipment as well. Sub equipment won’t change the appearance of your character, but it will add more to your statistics just as it would if it were your main equipment. The more sub equipment spaces that you unlock, the more sub equipment that you can use.