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Pixels & Dungeons Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Pixels & Dungeons is a new dungeon crawler app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Pixels & Dungeons contains many elements that are similar to games such as I Am MT and Puzzle & Dragons, such as the ability to choose your friend’s leader card to help you out, but this game has some gameplay all its own. Your goal is to make it through various dungeons, and you do that by taking your best equipment with you, and strategically positioning yourself so that it’s easy to defeat your enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pixels and Dungeons!

When you’re in the battles, there are two things that are good to consider. First, keep yourself out of any terrain related obstacles. An example of this is the swamp, which will slow your speed down if you step into it. You want to stay on dry, normal land as much as possible, and try to lure enemies into the swamps and other pieces of dangerous terrain.

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Second, you want to try to position yourself so that only one enemy can attack you at a time, and not two of them. Enemies won’t move strategically – they’ll move straight towards you, with no thought to who’s in the way or what kind of terrain they will go through, so line up the enemies behind each other, one after the other, to give them a hard time attacking you.

Once you run out of stamina, start enhancing both your weapons and your armor. Pick your two best weapons and your two best pieces of armor (since you can only equip two at a time) and then use the enhance function to level them up and increase their effectiveness. Then, use the upgrade function once their levels reach the maximum. Upgrading them will make them even more powerful and allow them to gain even more levels.

One of the best ways to get rare weapons and armor is to go into the limited edition dungeons and kill the enemies there. Also, once you have done a few enhancements to get some stronger armor and weaponry, go into the arena and battle against other players. The difficulty level will be completely randomized, so if you lose, go back and try again. It doesn’t cost any stamina to go into the dungeons.