Dungeon Gems – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Dungeon Gems is a new puzzle RPG for the iPhone and iPad. This game follows closely in the footsteps of Puzzle and Dragons, combining role-playing elements with puzzle and trading card game play. Your goal is to quest through a seemingly endless number of dungeons, defeat monsters and demons, collect treasure, and enhance your squad to become the most powerful elemental fighting force out there. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeon Gems!

Elementals working a rock paper scissors kind of fashion. Fire beats plant, plant beats water, and water beats fire. Light and dark are strong against each other. Each dungeon has its own specific elemental, so organize your team based on what that elemental is. For example, for a fire dungeon, you will want to take as many water characters with you as possible.

The game may start out easy, but the enemies and bosses can get tough really quickly. Strengthen your team members by enhancing them, which involves sacrificing cards that you don’t use in order to power up cards that you do use. Keep the essence cards around though, because you will need them for evolution.

Evolving a car will increase its rarity by one star, will send its experience level back down to one, and will increase it statistics. The essences that you collect throughout the game needs to be kept around in order to evolve your cards. The card needs to be at the maximum experience level in order to be eligible to evolve. Once you do evolve it, the next time you enhance the card, it will increase the experience points massively just like the first time that you enhanced the card, making for a gigantic experience level and statistical boost.

To find more rare cards aside from doing the elite portal summons, you will want to go to the limited time events that pop up when you’re on the main screen. These will not only have a higher chance of earning you rare cards, but they’re a great way to find essences as well. These dungeons are more difficult than the normal ones, though, so make sure your team is up to snuff before you go in.

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When choosing which leader card to take with you as a helper, pick the most powerful one. Make sure that your leader car is your strongest and your most enhanced card, and is evolved when possible, so that other players are more tempted to choose your card before battle. This will lead to you earning social points, which are then used for social summons, which have a hot slightly higher chance at earning you a rare card then token summons do.

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